Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ravensdown claim backdown over PKE but haven't gone far enough

Today the PR spinners were busy again, convincing arable farmers that Ravensdown are pulling out of the South Island animal nutrition market due to continuing 'negative' feedback. However, they claim this was in the face of 'overwhelming support'. Which was it then? - negative feedback or overwhelming support? Farmgirl is confused.

But besides this point there is another. The South Island market was small and the meetings where Ravensdown claimed support were about selling PKE into the North Island. It is still many arable farmers contention that Ravensdown should not be importing PKE into any of New Zealand. The North Island market is still undercutting arable suppliers. Therefore the backdown today from Ravensdown is nothing but a PR ploy and is not worth the paper it is written on.

For goodness sakes, if you can understand how damaging this has been, boys, to your reputation as the small concession today recognises, then surely you can extend the hand further and stop bringing in PKE altogether.

Questions still need to be answered as well...if they are promoting a 50/50 percent blend of PKE and barley why is it that they have only taken 6500 tonnes of barley. If you do the maths they sold 50 000 tonnes of the mix last year - doesn't look as though that barley made up 50% does it?

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