Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ravensdown not doing anything illegal

Let's be clear about this.
Ravensdown is not doing anything illegal in its financial accounting or in any of its business and Farmgirl is not suggesting anything of the sort.
What Farmgirl is suggesting is that shareholders are not fully aware of the situation financially - by that she means that under the new international accounting standards, although Ravensdown is showing a $40 million profit for the past financial year, the statement of cashflow reflects something entirely different.
This is not opinion - it is fact.
As a shareholder Farmgirl is concerned that on that basis many shareholders may not be as happy about the expansion into Australia as Ravensdown suggests.
Shareholders should always ask questions, and should always question the performance of their company - and for that they should never be punished.

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Tired Farmer said...

Farming for over 55 years and I have found that loyal shareholders of companies are liable to be punished whether they ask questions or not.
So we must contnue to do our research and ask more questions.