Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Serious questions need to be asked about viability of Ravensdown's move into Australia

They hate us - those Aussie fertiliser companies that Ravensdown is playing dirty with. And why wouldn't they...Rodders comes in on his big white shining horse to take over the industry, offers the farmers cost price fertiliser and then some, even though it is not maintainable and with a fair wave of his royal hand he wipes out competitors but does he endanger his own shareholders?
Who is paying for Rodney's expansionist ideas? Who indeed...come on Kiwi shareholders, it doesn't take a maestro to work out that if he's not making a profit on the much heralded Aussie advance, the money generated to continue must be coming from somewhere.

Are Australian farmers being put ahead of Kiwi shareholders?

How profitable is the core Ravensdown fertiliser business at present?

And how truthful is Ravensdown being about its profitability, cash flow and debt levels in its annual accounts?

The truth might surprise you.

Keep watching this space over the coming days and ask the questions that need to be asked of your so called 'co-operative'.