Thursday, October 22, 2009

Throw the bunnies!

For **** sake! If New Zealand rated on a political correctness scale (Farmgirl's pet hate) we would be number one in the world, but sadly it's not an accolade we want.

The latest debacle featuring the SPCA who have stood in and spoilt the farm kiddies fun at the annual Waiau pig hunting weekend by outlawing dead bunny throwing is enough to have you bashing a bunnies head against the proverbial brick wall.

Look, it may not be everyone's cuppa, but that doesn't mean that it should go by the wayside. The trouble is that if we bow down to the SPCA animal welfare aficionados it is going to get worse. So go ahead Waiau - THROW THOSE BUNNIES.

Farmgirl doesn't claim to be the brightest in the den, but heck, even she knows when a rabbit is dead, it can't feel anything, contrary to the namby pamby office sitters that seem to make up SPCA these days.

Imagine what these idiots were like as kids. If the cat caught a mouse, they made you spend all your pocket money on getting the vet to operate, because the poor minced up mouse deserved better than to end its life in the intestines of your pet. They were the type of kids you could never take out to the farm. They hyperventilated when they saw the pile of lambs tails at the end of the tailing pen, and vomited when they saw a bird eating an insect.

Are we now saying that we are not allowed to swing lambs around to help them breathe when they are born, even though it saves their lives?

Come on Waiau...THROW THOSE BUNNIES and fight back for all of us sane people in this crazy country...but make sure won't you, as parents, that your children don't play with their sausages or chops at the dinner table before they eat's cruelty don't you know!


XChequer said...

Hi Nadine,

I'm XChequer from Lincoln ( Ele Ludeman introduced me to your site a week ago when I raised the prospect of South Island/Christchurch blogger drinks in the near future.

Enjoyable blog. Am with you on the bunny throwing. I am from Wanaka originally and anyone born down there has a genetical and pathological dislike for rabbits - so throw away, I say!


daniel said...

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B Tooz said...

I'm from the U.S., and saw the post about throwing bunnies. We don't have that here in the US, so I was hoping someone can give me the appears that the bunnies are tossed during a weekend festival. Is it a competition? Are the dead rabbits kept somewhere until the throw or are they collected just prior to the event? Thanks for the help understanding...