Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UK Lord seriously recommending turning veggie to save the planet

It really is frightening when British Government is influenced by the likes of Lord Nicholas Stern, a so called 'academic' and economist who authored the highly influential Stern Review on the economics of climate change.

The man is now suggesting seriously that we all turn veggie - and he has some support for his manic views.

This from Farmers Weekly UK:

People should stop eating meat to help the world conquer climate change, a leading scientist has warned.
"Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases," said Lord Stern of Brentford.
"It puts enormous pressure on the world's resources. A vegetarian diet is better."
Lord Stern's comments are significant because he is the author of the influential
2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming.
'A global agreement to tackle climate change would result in soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases, he said.
People's attitudes would evolve until meat eating became unacceptable, Lord Stern predicted.
"I think it's important that people think about what they are doing and that includes what they are eating," he said.
Lord Stern made the comments in a
front-page interview with The Times.
The article has attracted more than 283 comments from internet readers.
"Eating a vegetarian diet is a lot cheaper than a meat one," wrote Jonte Jay.
"Let's face it - the most expensive foods on the average families shopping lists are meat and dairy."
Peter Radcliffe wrote: "Those who refuse to give up eating meat are contributing significantly to the destruction of the planet."
But most comments were far less sympathetic.
Nicholas Fox wrote: "Tell me I'm having a bad dream and not really living in such a ridiculous country."
Reuben Camara wrote: "Forget methane. There is far more hot air emitting from parasite Lord Stern's mouth than can possibly be good for the planet."

When this kind of myth starts to get traction you know that we are in trouble. It is now time to address some of the balderdash being spouted and to fight back. Our Government has already in principle agreed that agriculture is helping contribute to the problem. It really is only a slippery slope from there to what Lord Stern is suggesting. Why are we not standing up to this?


adamsmith1922 said...

I agree, see my comments on this stupendously stupid notion here

Anonymous said...

Articles written by people like Robin Grieve make mincemeat of Lord Sterns dribble.

Tired Farmer again under anonymous.

Nandor Tanczos said...

Interesting that you don't engage with his analysis at all, beyond labelling it 'balderdash'. In fact there is plenty of evidence that (intensive) pastoral farming is a cause of major environmental problems around the world. The fact that our economy is currently highly dependant on it doesn't alter that fact. Read the FAO's 2006 'Livestock's Long Shadow' for some useful information on this.

Or is that just a 'myth' too?

muz said...

Nandor have i got a deal for you.
You smoke all the dope you want,walk every where you wish to be, eat as many beans as you like and dig your own grave as you wouldn't want it dug with a back hoe and leave me the hell alone to enjoy my clean air, fresh from the Antarctic, drive around in my V8, eat red meat cos I like the flavour, and feed me to the fishes or compost me when I kark it. Global warming, climate change, CO2 buildup, fossil fuel depletion, peakoil and all the other bullshit that you manipulative pricks are preaching as gospel will be consigned to the scrapheap of history but the damage YOU and your sorry mates do will have to be repaired or substituted by thinking risk takers just as all the solutions to challenges this planet has faced have been in the past.

Nandor Tanczos said...

Muz (and farmgirl), here is a deal for you: You actually debate the issues and I'll pay attention to your arguments. Until then, may I assume that you have none of significance?

Anonymous said...

For the last time! CO2 is NOT a poison! Plants love it. The more CO2 in air, the less stressed plants are as they don't need to get as much water from the ground. Currently CO2 levels are at 380 ppm while when our mammalian ansestors arrived it was closer to 1000 ppm. Many hydroponic nurseries run their CO2 levels at 1400 ppm as this promotes better growth. If possible get a copy of The Weekend Autralian (24/10/09) as there is an interesting article about "climate change" that I've taken these facts from. And just a note, Lord Stern is not a vegetarian!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm with nandor on this. let's have some serious debate and look at options for improving our lives in small but meaningful ways. meat uses large quantities of grains, water and land in the production process, not to mention the detrimental effects of CO2 production and potential for cancers caused by high red meat diets. small changes by many could probably produce large environmental and health benefits - and i'm not talking radical stuff like total veg diet living in the hills like a shepherd. how about veg one night a week for starters? it could probably do us all some good!

DaniB said...

Chilli growing? I tried and it wasn't easy. Hope you fare better. I appreciate your farm-view perspective and wonder if you'd be interested in sharing more regularly. I'm working with an organisation looking at how to define success for New Zealand, and then pursue it. If you'd consider sharing your views, or moderating a forum on one of the topics (economic, social, and environmental foci) drop me at line at Cheers.

Happy Hoosier said...

You have your wacko's and in the US we have Al Gore...He invented this climate change fiasco maybe about the same time he invented the internet. All I know here in Indiana it is colder than a well diggers ass....

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Anonymous said...

Hey ,where has the farmgirl blog gone?

Anonymous said...

Vegetarianism will definitely help the environment. Please tell me how it won't?? I think you are the one being 'manic'

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Also note the recent Climegate 2 email scandal PROVING beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole AGW is a SCAM of the highest order!