Monday, February 23, 2009

Lamb price news

My thanks to one of our readers who forwarded me these confirmed figures for Silver Fern Farm lamb contracts.

Here's what he said:

"$5.55- $6.22 for 21kg lambs, $5.10-$5.80 for 17kg lambs. $8.50- $10 for 50kg Venison. These are Backbone contracts I think through until 2010...more details Rural News page 4. I'm not sure of the time frames but see lamb is up 5c for next week's schedule."

It will be interesting to see what Alliance comes out with - but generally this is all good news.


Mark Hubbard said...

Regarding that advice, one possible fly in the ointment, suggested by another client, is how many lambs SFF can take for that total contract - a hook that existed with an Alliance contract some years back (apparently - unsubstantiated).

Then of course, per your post below, if SFF continues to financially stumble further, could they then hold to this?

And unrelated, if PGG Wrightsons goes, and that must be a real possibility, a reading of the business section in the Press can give that, then where do farmers go for a Stock and Station Agent.

Interesting times ...

Farmgirl said...

And therefore should farmers be consulting their contracts for next season (particularly arable farmers) with PGG in case it does go belly up or are we just being paranoid?
Stock and station, grain and seed and real estate and finance - a huge hit to the sector if it goes...