Friday, February 27, 2009

Mind boggling French subsidy payments

The poor French arable farmer has received some very bad news indeed this week with the announcement of a $1.6 billion dollar cut to their subsidy payments. The money is being diverted to livestock farmers to pay for upland farming and support for grass-based animal production.

Annually the arable farmers receive a mind boggling $11.5 billion in support, but the $1.6 billion decrease is still expected to cause 'pain' for many.

French agriculture minister Michel Barnier said the changes were essential to making the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) sustainable in the long run.
In light of the current climatic hiccups in Canterbury, and the soggy cereals still to be harvested it's enough to make you hit your head against a brick wall, sell up, buy a Chateau with a 10 acre paddock of wheat and a well stocked wine cellar!

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