Monday, April 6, 2009

The blokes at NZ Farmers Weekly need to stop salivating and get back to writing serious news

The boys at NZ Farmers Weekly have proven once again that the female sex is never very far from some male minds and editor Tim Fulton has made a right plonker of himself and degraded a publication held in the highest esteem with his suggestion, front page, that the boys should head to Middlemarch to catch a Swedish blonde woman.

You can see it now can't acting like this girl is a piece of meat and Tim heading the charge!

It's not every day a Swiss Milk Princess gets in touch to say she's heading your way, he proclaims. You can see the chops salivating now...but wait there's more...blonde Swiss flight attendant Andrea Berger (yes really!) emailed the publication to say she was coming to New Zealand to 'find a lovely farmer.'

You know I can't ever recall conversations about putting a Swiss female on the front page of this publication when I worked there...but perhaps that was because there were more stroppy females working there then!

Now I'm sure they have plenty of emails from nice European blokes (like the one above) asking for work, but do we see them on the front page....tsk tsk boys...equality for one and all.

But seriously, come on Tim, you're a great editor...but I guess even the smart heads get turned when a Swiss lovely wanders into cyberspace.

But one has to wonder whether you would have made the same 'objective' editorial decision if she were more shall we say, rotund, toothless with mousy short hair.

There is something icky and rural stereotypical about this story at a time when women have demonstrated their infinite capabilities on farm without resorting to playing up to their...ahem..feminine wiles.

Come on boys...get back to the news!
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Anonymous said...


Why would any bloke, short of a fetish, consider a rotund (let's say fat to avoid any confusion, huh?) toothless woman as a healthy, child-bearing prospect? I'm ex-Navy and have never stoop to such depths of depravity; maybe I'm shallow, or maybe I'm just one member of the majority who are happier looking at a good-looking that really too hard to accept?

Looking at what one assumes to be your profile pic, you're not bad looking, and how you might stack up against a blonde Swiss air hostess, or a auburn, lithe American cowgirl is subject to the desires of the man, or, legally speaking, woman who is browsing stock.

But, one thing can be certain, one holding such a feminist, close-minded view is always going to struggle in a place like Middlemarch...

...not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Regards, Keith

*one of the lucky ones who snapped up a very attractive younger, blonde, and not that it matters, but I love telling everyone, busty lass as my wife*