Monday, April 6, 2009

Good to see the dairy industry tackling P problem

Bravo to leaders in the dairy industry for choosing to talk about a very real problem among transient dairy workers through-out the country.

At last week's Large Herds New Zealand conference anti P campaigner Mike Sabin hit home the hard facts of the damage P causes to users.

Mike would know - as a former Police Detective he has seen the ravages of the drug as it continues to weave its destructive way through society.

His hard hitting presentation left many speechless and his warnings to be wary of the potential use of farm cottages as P labs was timely. With the rapid expansion of the dairying workforce over the past decade some problems have arisen in many rural communities with some police forces reporting a far higher rate of crime in those areas.

Mr Sabin showed dairy farmers how to spot signs of P use in their workers and while many may think the drug problem belongs somewhere in Auckland, the reality is that it is everywhere - even farmers have been addicted to the drug.

As long as we accept that our community is as vulnerable to this drug we may have a chance of pegging back its use. To bury our heads and think that the problem lies somewhere else will only result in an escalation of the problem.

Like the dairy farmers attending the conference I support Mr Sabin's campaign to introduce stronger Government initiatives to combat the drug and applaud the dairy industry for recognising it may be among them already.

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