Friday, April 3, 2009

Broadband of lies around National election promises to rural sector

I'm not sure why Federated Farmers are surprised by the Government's lack of broadband spending in rural areas - it was always unlikely to happen.

Despite our 64% export sales injection into the economy the votes are in the city centres and call me a cynic but no Government is going to divvy up money in areas that are sparsely populated.

Imagine though what could be achieved if the electoral voting system was changed and you were given a number of votes depending on the amount of land you owned. Wouldn't they sit up and take notice then? Bugger the broadband - we'd all have digital satellites!

Strange though isn't it, that a Government that is always harping on about growing the economy, in fact using it as their mantra, can't see it's way to providing better communication for our rural businesses.

And as for the West Coast receiving no upgrade - yet still growing economically - they should separate themselves off, put a border up and provide their own governance. After all they are one of the only areas in the country still going ahead - so they must be doing something right!

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