Wednesday, March 4, 2009

David and Goliath shall meet

And round three is about to commence now...Keith Cooper is swaggering to the middle of the ring as Craig Norgate adjusts his bloodied mouth gear.

But wait...Norgate's coach is advising him not to yell so much during this round, to keep his cool, to bide his time, to avoid the killer punch.

Already it's been a mighty battle with round one easily going to Norgate, who punched with one hand into Cooper's short pockets and took with the other...but Cooper's mental alertness has given him stamina, he puffed up his chest and delivered an almighty right hook, in the style of Holyfield to nearly knock Norgate out...but Norgate held on, was able to stagger back to his corner to be cleaned up and freshened for the next round.

So, one all at this stage...and now a change in the boxing rules...the two are going to sit down, pat each other's heads, suck their thumbs and let the adjudicator do the talking. Where will round three go? It's anybody's guess, but Cooper has that competitive gleam in his eyes, his pucker is up, his beef chops look firmer...

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