Monday, March 30, 2009

Live sheep exports could create Kiwi consumer backlash

The New Zealand Herald asked readers what they thought about the prospect of resuming live sheep exports with some worrying responses.
The overwhelming sentiment was that the trade was deplorable with many saying they would protest by not buying New Zealand lamb.
As said in previous posts, even if the reality is far different from what Sue Kedgely is promising it will be a difficult business to push in the current consumer market place where top chefs such as Jamie Oliver preach daily on welfare for animals.
It seems no matter what stringent conditions MAF comes up with there will be a large majority of people bent on destroying the trade.
Here's a sample of some of the comments:
"I will stop buying lamb in protest if this takes off!"
"It's inexcusably and unnecessarily cruel.It also destroys jobs and businesses for New Zealanders.A return to live sheep exports signals a triumph of greed over not only the value of humane treatment of animals but also the expectation that our first priority is to maintaining the maximum benefit of our efforts going to our own people.It creates one more field in which we are seen to have lesser expertise than the rest of the world and worse, lesser morality and standards of decency.This suggestion bears a remarkable similarity to Fonterra and the melamine scandal which also impacted both human beings and animals: a morality based only on convenience and profit to a select few at a cost of suffering to the majority - human or animal.It seems the tide in the world has turned. No longer is humanity progressing toward higher principles (however despised 'colonialism' is in modern times) but returning to the lowest common denominator to be found in the characteristics of our trading partners."
"Yes to live sheep exports provided they are flown there in economy class with flight attendant service."