Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kune Kune the new Kiwi sheepdog?

For those of you struggling to find and then train a decent sheepdog, meet Sue, a Herefordshire Kune Kune who is about to take the sheepdog trial world by storm.

This real life Babe is a very clever little piggy indeed according to the Daily Mail .

Sue apparently started copying the farm dogs when she saw her owners training them in the garden and worked out that they were receiving treats when they were successful at negotiating obstacles.

'Pigs are very intelligent and I would say Sue is easily as clever as a dog,' the owner said.
'I'm going to enter Sue in this summer's Royal Welsh Show in the dog agility event.'
She added: 'He has been watching the sheep through the fence and has even met them up close, although he was a little wary at first. If he saw a dog herding the sheep I'm sure Sue could learn to do it.'

May-be just the answer for those wayward sheepdogs farmers are always yelling at!

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