Wednesday, March 4, 2009

English needs to stop throwing toys out of cot

For goodness the words of some undoubtedly great Kiwi orator, 'get over it Bill'.
Yesterday's report on ACC budget failings and whether the previous Labour government hid the deficit leading into the election was nothing more than a silly finger pointing exercise.
Who really cares at the end of the day whether the Cullen has-been gets slapped on the's stupid school boy stuff and only serves to remind us of how petty the squabbling became between English and Cullen in the past nine years. English's need for revenge highlights a weakness in his character that he shouldn't be pandering too in these problematic times.
Because, apart from yesterday's aberration, English looks to be doing his best to rectify the deepening mess we seem to be sliding into. The news this week has been all bad, and English has aged before our very eyes since his government took power.
While Key gets to swan off and talk rubbish about an open trans-tasman flight path which will be unlikely to happen during his tenure as Prime Minister, English is left to struggle at home, almost a one man band, attempting to find a path to economic recovery with ten cent pieces rather than $100 notes.
The man is, in everything but name, our Prime Minister, while Key remains a figurehead, so who cares about who did what last election Bill?
Just keep your eyes locked firmly on the future and the rest will take care of itself.

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